Smash Mouth in concert

Thanks to Insight, I had the opportunity to photograph Smash Mouth at a big corporate event. And when they called the ladies on stage, of course I went with my camera! 

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Behind the Scenes with Four Peaks

I take shooting for clients very seriously, but that doesn’t mean the shoot has to be dull. The best way to keep getting great images and keep everyone lively during a long studio day is to have fun. From figuring out posing for everyone to finding wardrobe props in the studio, being silly is also serious business! 

Thank you Four Peaks and staff for the opportunity to work with you. :)


a Phoenix wedding

As much as I love photographing people, I’ll admit to being somewhat selective about which weddings I photograph. This is usually one of the most important days in a couple’s lives and I want to be sure that ten or twenty years down the line, they’ll look back at their photos and still love the way they bring them back to this day. I think that requires a personal connection between the couple and the photographer at least on some level - you just have to click. And so when a good friend says he’s getting married, well, it wouldn’t even occur to me to say no to these guys. 

I was so thrilled to be a small part of this really perfect day with two amazing people. 

A beautiful portrait and one of the more rare, not-goofing-around photos from the day. 

A truly beautiful bride

married! And after the sun blasting them through the late afternoon, I’m so glad I could do them justice in their photos. (How does she still look so amazingly-non-melted at this point?)

The bride and groom have some pretty great friends. Everyone was involved somehow in the wedding - it really made the day so special. 

First dance - a very impressive tango! 

End of the night (the penultimate photo, to protect the questionably-innocent from the actual end of the night photos!)

What is Litróf?

Welcome to my new site!

I am excited to share my passion for photography and art on my new website, Litróf Pictures. To get started, you might be wondering what in the world “litróf” is. 

Litróf is the Icelandic word for spectrum. A few years ago I created a magazine with this title that was intended to study and discuss the creative process in many fields of art, and this word seems to me to encompass that mission. While the magazine is currently on indefinite hold, I still believe in studying the creative process and many fields of art, and I hope that my continual pursuit of creating authentic images benefits from that passion.