a Phoenix wedding

As much as I love photographing people, I’ll admit to being somewhat selective about which weddings I photograph. This is usually one of the most important days in a couple’s lives and I want to be sure that ten or twenty years down the line, they’ll look back at their photos and still love the way they bring them back to this day. I think that requires a personal connection between the couple and the photographer at least on some level - you just have to click. And so when a good friend says he’s getting married, well, it wouldn’t even occur to me to say no to these guys. 

I was so thrilled to be a small part of this really perfect day with two amazing people. 

A beautiful portrait and one of the more rare, not-goofing-around photos from the day. 

A truly beautiful bride

married! And after the sun blasting them through the late afternoon, I’m so glad I could do them justice in their photos. (How does she still look so amazingly-non-melted at this point?)

The bride and groom have some pretty great friends. Everyone was involved somehow in the wedding - it really made the day so special. 

First dance - a very impressive tango! 

End of the night (the penultimate photo, to protect the questionably-innocent from the actual end of the night photos!)