From Diana Brandon:

I have been a professional photographer for about 12 years and have been shooting for much longer. I studied art and music all throughout school, from my public elementary school that prided itself on arts education (lucky me!) all the way through college, where I discovered the darkroom. 

After college I went into marketing, advertising and public relations. I spent many years creating, writing and art directing ads and marketing collateral for a number of different companies. I co-created a photography studio in 2005 called snapfactory, which launched my pro photography career as well as introduced me as a photography educator. I’ve since photographed ads and images for a number of companies including Intel and Adorama, and have published editorials in magazines like Desert Living and Runway.

Fast forward to today, I’ve got an extensive background (more than 20 years) in marketing communications, advertising and photography. For me, they’re all facets of the same diamond - telling your story in a way that clients and potential clients will hear you.